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Sol Projects will guide you through the design stage of your project, and work with you to integrate your ideas with our technical know-how and experience to design your dream lighting system. We provide a proposal with plans and costs allowing you to make informed decisions, then liaise with builders, garden designers, and all concerned to ensure that the installation runs smoothly.


LED lighting

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting products have evolved drastically and can produce many fantastic effects from amazing colours, crystal star ceilings to subtle, indirect lighting. With so many LED light sources available, it can be daunting to choose the right products to achieve the desired effect.

Considerations include the warmth of their colour temperate, their CRI (Colour Rendering Index) on objects in the room, their IP (Ingress Protection) ratings against dust, water and more, their ability to be dimmed, and the quality of their manufacture which can be difficult to ascertain, particularly in LED strips. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to offer ideal LED solutions for any lighting project.


Fibre optic lighting

Fibre optic products’ qualities make them a perfect choice for many effects. One of the most common uses are star effects in varying numbers, sizes and colours. As light sources are placed remotely, fibre optic lighting can provide a spectacular and safe way to illuminate pools, spas and other wet or inaccessible areas. Other common effects include illuminating the ceilings of bathrooms, cinemas and other rooms with the effect of a starry sky.

As with all of our installations, achieving the perfect effect comes down to the quality of the products used, and we only use the best fibres and light sources.


Dimmers, switches and other hardware

Sol Projects can provide safe, reliable and smooth-action dimming modules and transformers for all conventional, incandescent and LED/RGB lights supporting all voltages and amperages. We can also provide many different types of switches to suite any décor including: flat-plate/recessed switches, wireless surface switches, wireless transmitters integrated behind existing wall switches, and hand-held remotes with holders, alongside smartphone and tablet applications.

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Lighting control

We can offer lighting control systems from an intermediate level, such as Wisecontrols below, to the very best lighting control systems, all of which can be integrated with any new or existing automation system. Coloured lights in particular require some form of control, and we can offer different solutions to suit all budgets while ensuring the lighting effects are both spectacular and user-friendly.

To dim or brighten individual lights, circuits or channels as desired—useful for home security or scene-setting—all it can take is the press of one button, rather than activating, let alone finding, dozens of switches and remote controls. By programming, saving and recalling lighting effects in rooms or entire buildings with one controller, even the most complicated lighting installation can be made easy to use.



Sol Projects is proud to be Spain’s only distributor of Wisecontrols—one of the most reliable lighting control systems available—with over 15 years’ experience its installation. As an intermediate-level system, it does not require lengthy and costly programming yet still has all of the attributes of a major brand lighting control system.

It can control all types of LED and conventional lighting with smooth, flicker-free dimming, control of all circuits, scene-setting, and sensor, timer and smartphone and tablet controls, all without switching delays. The Wisecontrols lighting control system can also be triggered by RS232, allowing integration into full home control and automation systems.

The system offers easy, affordable and complete lighting control that can be adapted to any building including existing properties, where it can be controlled wirelessly over Radio Frequencies (RF).

Outdoor and exterior lighting

Sol Projects’ garden, landscape, path, and other exterior lighting systems are typically designed around three main elements—fixtures, transformers and low-voltage electrical cable—and are a relatively simple way to increase property value, atmosphere and safety.

Our architectural lighting systems can look great against limestone, granite and other textured materials. Lasting impressions can be made with our warm, natural and technologically-advanced lighting solutions including: up lighting, down lighting, backlighting, shadowing, grazing, highlighting, cross lighting, silhouette lighting, wall washing, mirror lighting, safety lighting, and underwater lighting for fountains, spas, pools and more.

We can also illuminate larger sites such as parks, playgrounds and pitches using more powerful floodlights, spotlights and other fixtures and bulbs to provide safe, practical and vivid results.



Many existing lighting installations are plagued with persistent tripping problems normally due to the ingress of moisture (damp). We have spent many years perfecting our outdoor installation techniques to provide our clients with trouble-free garden and other outdoor lighting systems.

For superior reliability, we place great importance on our projects’ infrastructure including protecting cable tube networks from damage while allowing for future expansion, and selecting boxes and fittings with appropriate Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. Tripping issues can be almost eliminated in new installations and, in some instances, it may be possible to modify an existing installation.

Electrical and maintenance services

Rewires, installations, and call-outs are performed promptly by our team of qualified electricians with as little disruption as possible. We liaise with energy providers and regulators to ensure all work is completed in accordance with current regulations and to the highest standards. Our projects are thoroughly tested for voltage, fixture, lens and system integrity for superior efficiency and visual effect.

For more information on home automation and hydro and energy technology, contact our partner William Brearley at Residential Solutions.

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